Common English mistakes EXPLAINED!

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Common English mistakes EXPLAINED!

My name’s Alex Caple from London. With 15 years teaching English in Barcelona, I am now currently teaching and coordinating ‘Riverbridge – Business English Services’ (
I have been freelancing for 7 years and have worked with numerous companies and individuals in various sectors who need to build key skills and confidence to achieve objectives further afield.

After graduating with a Degree in Modern Languages I started to become more involved in translations, proofreading and generation of website content for my clients
and students. This aspect of my work opened my eyes to how important it is to find the right voice, tone and language for the right occasion when writing, just as we do when
we speak to people in our daily lives.

When I’m teaching I focus on immediately correcting the most common mistakes of the language learned, because mastering the basics truly builds a strong platform
for improvement. Once the fundamentals have been acquired my students can then experiment, explore and eventually find their ‘English Voice’.

This masterclass will focus on some of the most common mistakes which you might not realise you are making in your written English, along with a few other tips when it comes
to formatting your piece of work. I can’t wait to meet you all!!!!!!


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